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  3. freedom of speech  regular slides from the "free speech zone" cage they use now for people the government doesn't want to hear

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The Brumax Site and Blog : nonsense, waste of time ranting, free speech fully exercised and political action talk humor and cool stuff, blog, politics, free speech, demonstration, rebel, protesting and other stuff.

Political humor and other stuff.  Thanks for visiting, hopefully you will get a laugh out of the site.  The blog section contains political humor and general other stuff. 




DISCLAIMER:  The opinion of the management and editorial content of this site and blog and its contributors is that there are too damn many disclosures in the world.  Why do people need so many disclosures?  Like at the beginning of a movie DVD when it says "the opinions in the commentary are not that of the studio" no kidding.  Has anyone actually ever sued over what someone said in a directors commentary?  Get a life, that's our disclosure.  Political humor and Free speech.  You don't like it sue me - make a fool of yourself in court reading this same disclosure about weenies who have nothing better to do than sue people.







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